The Workings Of A Warehouse Management Solution

Warehouse management solutions support the functions of a warehouse. An effective system can help business process work efficiently and effectively and have both advantages and disadvantages which will be outlined below.

Warehouses receive and store goods. A warehouse management solution keeps track of all inventory that comes in, is stored, and leaves the warehouse. It is a complex system that needs to be integrated with the other process a company uses. These can include those that track purchasing, ensuring nothing gets lost as well as those that hold information about the stock, including the time it came in, its weight and dimensions. It will also show what part of the warehouse it is stored in.

warehouse management solution


Warehouse management solutions aid the company in many aspects of the business.

  1. Staffing – Connected to whole management system of the company, an effective system will Indicate how many people are needed in the company to perform different tasks within the warehouse.
  2. Organisation – A warehouse management solution will organise everything in a warehouse and is a key factor in supporting the supply chain.
  3. Control – Managing productivity and quality is an important part of any business. Systems can be a key indicator of current and expected labour productivity and in turn can help a business know when they need to hire or fire and in what areas.
  4. Direction –These systems control all the inventory. They manage the numbers; whether it be inventory in or out.
  5. Planning – Warehouse management solutions are crucial in the planning process for any business and can help companies improve their purchasing methods, among other things.

Taking the above points into account, a warehouse management solution has many advantages:

  • Firstly, they reduce inventory costs. From managing the inventory coming in and out, to storing it, this costs money. Warehouse management solutions can make this a more cost-efficient process. They will alert the company when stock falls and needs to be replenished.
  • They also aid the buy and return process for customers. Nowadays, the ability to return a product bought online for free is primary for buying the product in the first place. Any warehouse management solution worth its salt will make sure this is a seamless process, something that can be automated.
  • The warehouse management system solution allows a company to grow. New warehouses or new inventory can be added to these systems with minimum of fuss, allowing a company to expand quickly and with very little cost to the business.

These management systems can also have some disadvantages for a company. They are expensive to customise to a company’s needs. Set-up costs are high and any wrong step in the process will disrupt the whole supply chain. It needs to be perfect.

After set-up, someone needs to be trained on the system so that if something goes wrong it can be fixed quickly, with minimum of time lost. Incorrect processing can cost business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a warehouse management solution, deals with purchasing, taking client details, it is essential that the system is completely secure. Hackers, always looking to break into larger company’s databases, are a huge threat to the security of their systems. Databases carry vendor and client details, both financial and personal, so companies need to ensure they have up-to-date protections in place to prevent any threat.

Warehouse management solutions help a business operate. They are expensive to run but are crucial to help a company work as efficiently and effectively as possible. They can save companies millions in the long run and give them that boost they need to maximise processes and increase revenue.