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Stylish Designs of Wedding Cards

wedding cards

As you attend the big event and want to leave a gift and a heartfelt message behind to the loving couple, the choices seem endless.

You want a card that speaks volumes about your connection to the pair whilst being an item of value that does not blow out your budget.

So how should you be investing your time when on the hunt for the best wedding cards?

Here we will examine the top stylish designs that you can source to make this process fast and efficient, all without sacrificing the need to provide a loving gift that the couple will cherish.



One of the great ways in which you can enhance the value of wedding cards is to bypass all of the generic choices to make a personalized item. Complete with a picture of yourselves together, either as your own couple or ideally together as a group, you can customize a message that is entirely unique to your relationship. Friends and family members who are close to the couple are customers who usually opt for this design choice.



Another option you can utilise for wedding cards is to choose a thermography design that transfers print from a ribbon onto the paper. This creates an aesthetic that pops to provide a tangible card that really stands out from the others. Whilst this is slightly on the more expensive side of the market, it certainly classifies as stylish.



Have you ever examined vintage posters and cards and wondered about using that same template for modern use? Well wedding cards can be the perfect platform to embrace your retro inclinations from the 1800s, 1920s, 40s, 50s or 60s. The old shabby chic appearance has never truly gone out of fashion and this is a chance to bring it back for this event. Opt for black and white to really turn the clock back and select a font that is fits the time period.


wedding invitation



When using recycled paper or brown paper for your wedding cards, the idea might not sound appealing. Yet a quick glance at these items showcases what a great look the rustic design actually is. Unlike the traditional white paper options, there is a genuine authenticity to the format that sets it apart from a vintage look.



How do you classify a card as “modern” exactly? This is a very broad description that can pertain to any number of characteristics, but this ultimately comes down to the type of font in use, the amount of text and the colour. In 2018 you would find a modern style complete with bright colours and the use of Walkway Free, Fontin Sans, Fertigo Pro, Modeno or Nadia Serif typefaces. They are minimalist in their nature and are ideal for those who want to showcase their love and admiration without going overboard.




Signature collections are designed to make the name of the couple standout above all other features. Here is where the selection of font is important because there are few other elements on paper that manage to draw the eye. If you are short on ideas for a message, then this is ideal to utilise most of the space simply with their names in big bold letters.



Heavily imprinted designs of wedding cards via the letterpress option offers a degree of luxury and prestige that is hard to match. There are different formats under the letterpress process, but much like the thermography design choices, this is a masterful product that any recipient will cherish.



There is no need to feel limited by these designs of wedding cards, yet there is a reason why these are popular in the market. A card of this description is intended to be heartfelt and personal, so make this subjective decision based on your relationship and unique intention.


What to Expect When Visiting a Dental Clinic

X-ray of the human teeth

As so many people out there can become nervous when they are visiting a dental clinic for braces in Hawkesbury or any dental procedure, they will likely be wanting to know exactly what they can expect so that they are able to mentally and physically prepare themselves. Many Australians are able to successfully talk themselves out of having panic attacks and feelings of general anxiety when they know what to expect as they are able to visualize the proceedings and can feel safe knowing that there aren’t going to be any nasty surprises. Now the first thing to know for those who are feeling worried about their appointment is that each and every appointment is going to be a little bit different. For example, someone who is coming in for a general check up is going to experience something different from another person who is coming in to have a specific procedure done. What people can be sure about is that no matter what they are having done, they will be in professional and qualified hands who will talk them through every step of the way. In addition to this, there will be reception staff as well as assistants who are able to help get them through and to feel as calm as possible throughout their appointment.


What to expect from a general appointment at a dental clinic

The first thing that people will need to do when wanting to visit a dental clinic is to actually book an appointment. This means that they will need to book this online or by calling and booking over the phone. It can be a good idea to call as people are able to chat with one of the staff members and discuss the reason that they are wanting to come in. In this instance, the person would explain that they are wanting to come in for a check-up. If the person already has recent x-rays of their teeth, they are able to bring these along. If they do not, it is always best that they bring their Medicare card as they will likely be directed to somewhere nearby to have this done, or in some cases they may be able to have in done at the office itself. But before any x-rays are ordered, the professional will place the patient in a seat and will ask to check inside their mouth. They may use tools to tap on the teeth to see how strong they are and they may use some kind of light so they can get an up-close view.


What will occur at a dental clinic when work needs to be done

Once someone has had their general check up at the dental clinic, it may be recommended that they have some kind of work done. This may be in the form of a filling, or they may need to have a tooth removed. In some cases, they may just need to coat a tooth or they may need to receive braces or some other kind of alignment method such as Invisalign. There may be some severe cases where someone will need a root canal or where someone will need to have an implant. But whatever the case may be, this work will not be performed without the permission of the patient first. Patients are able to ask as many questions as they like and are able to figure out the involved costs before they decide to proceed with anything. As it can be seen, it is completely safe to visit a dental clinic.

How to Find the Best Day Spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

woman in a towel enjoying and relaxing in a spa

There are many benefits to visiting a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. In this busy day and age, it is so important to have methods that help relax and de-stress. Stress is so detrimental to health and can cause a wide variety of issues such as sleeping problems. Some people can experience an upset stomach because of stress and can even break out in skin conditions like acne or hives. A great way to counterbalance stress due to work and many other issues is by implementing self-care. Some people practice self-care by taking a relaxing bath, by going for a long walk or by spending time with a friend or family member. Others like to implement self-care by visiting a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. As there is such a wide variety of services offered at a day spa Eastern Suburbs Sydney, it can be a favourite place for many people to go when they need to unwind. Furthermore, it is a great place to go with a loved one and some people even take their bridal parties to a spa before a wedding. It doesn’t matter if someone wants to go alone, with their partner or with a friend, there are plenty of options that are sure to impress and will promote deep relaxation. As there are so many choices out there, this article will explore some simple steps on how to find the best day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


Find a spa that offers a wide variety of options

One of the best things about visiting a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is the variety, so there is no point in going somewhere that only offers one or two services. Great spas will include options such as massage, facials, beauty services, mud baths, body wraps and much more. It is common for businesses to offer packages that will give visitors a little bit of everything. These packages are popular because they let visitors spend hours at the day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and to take the adequate time to sink into their pampering and get really relaxed. They can then take that relaxed vibe home with them and can feel more ready to take on the world. For those who suffer from allergies, there are plenty of spas out there that offer allergy friendly products and most spas these days will offer organic options. This way, people can feel safe knowing that they are getting pampered without using products that are going to affect their health.


Read testimonials online

Another great way to finding the best day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is by reading testimonials online. These can usually be found on the companies Facebook page or on Google reviews. This is the perfect way to get a sense of how other visitors felt after their treatments. A company is never going to feature negative review on their own websites, so searching in places like these can sometimes show a more honest view. Having said that, sometimes the fun part is trying a service personally and making an individual decision about the services. Everybody is different, and one person may like one thing about a day spa in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney where another person will like another. For those who may not trust online reviews, they can simply chat to family and friends about their spa experiences. If they recommend somewhere good, then it is likely that the place will be one that offers great services. At the end of the day, there are many different spas out there, but it is important to find one that offers a wide variety of services and that has great reviews. These ones are more likely to be great and have people coming back time and time again.



Most Prevalent Forms of Scaffoldings


Whether a structure is in need of an important repair or it is in the process of being built, there will usually be a string of pipes and tubes scattered across the location. These are known as scaffoldings, temporary designs that are in place for a number of important reasons.


Their role is three-fold. The first of which is guaranteeing the safety of the construction workers as a safe working environment ensures a smoother process for all parties.


The next is for efficiency of movement, both on the part of the worker and the structure itself. Having the ability to slide and scale these works from one location to the next is paramount to a successful endeavour.


Finally the role of scaffoldings comes down to accessibility. This makes the complicated simple by giving access points to the construction workers no matter where they begin.


But what are the main forms of scaffoldings that you will come across? The format will be determined by the size and profile of the development, and here we will outline the most common types.


System scaffoldings will form a structure that composed of horizontal and vertical components that will appear relatively ad hoc, but there is method to the development. They can arrive in different subcategories that include the light and adaptable Haki style, the strength of the steel model Cuplock systems or the favoured installation for Australian users domestically – the Kwikstage design. These traditional forms promote the idea of efficiency as the size and weight of each format is catered to the needs of the construction.


Brace & Frame

Scaffoldings that adopt a more modular approach to their establishment will likely be showcased in a brace and frame format. More prevalent overseas in European nations for domestic and commercial purposes, these structures will be composed of bases, frame, planks and braces where the construction and deconstruction process takes minimal time. This helps to make the option more mobile as individuals and small teams prefer this erected approach should the equipment being used is light.


Mast Climbing

There will be scaffoldings whose purpose is to ensure height flexibility for the construction team. These developments allow the workers to climb up or down the platform without the need to rely on wiring for their ascension or descension. This is especially helpful when constructing layered buildings such as a unit of flats or office building where bricks and mortar have to be maneuvered to great heights.


Tube & Clamp

Developers will often need a degree of flexibility where a linear line of connections does not satisfy the requirements on a particular site. Should there be a statue in the way or a satellite obstructing view for example, then anyone of the scaffoldings that are considered must be able to adapt. Here is where the tube and clamp model is especially helpful, as irregularities can be managed around or through odd shapes. The clamps are simply there to fit whatever horizontal or vertical shape that needs to be erected.



The art of shoring for scaffoldings will see a more permanent concrete slab installed to maintain the weight, condition and consistency of the structure. Large warehouse developments from large conglomerate operations will tend to buy in to this option given the long-term nature of the project.



While scaffoldings will change and update over the course of time, this fundamental building practice will still heavily lean on these formats for the foreseeable future. Issues surrounding budgets and time are a significant factor, yet scaffoldings are still designed around those three central facets that will decide their type – safety, efficiency of movement and accessibility.


Everything to Know About Self-Managed Super Fund Accountants

Many people out there don’t know that there are professionals out there otherwise known as self-managed super fund accountants. Most know that those in this type of professional can take care of bookkeeping and tax returns, but they are not aware that there is a whole host of other financial things that experts can help with. For example, those who are looking into these types of services are able to hire self managed super fund accountants who will then open the product (SMSF) for them. There is usually a one-off establishment fee which is around $400 for a SMSF with an individual as a trustee, or about $1200 for a SMSF with a corporate trustee. Self-managed super fund accountants are further able to help by changing a trustee member if need be (which will again incur an additional charge), or by updating the fund deed. Furthermore, self-managed super fund accountants are able to help set up a real property instalment warranty structure which can include real property borrowing arrangements. The reason why it is so important to look into the services offered by self-managed super fund accountants is because running a SMSF is not easy. There are many different legal aspects involved, as well as audits that must be performed, and fees that must be paid. So, for those who may be looking into this type of product, here is everything you need to know about self-managed super fund accountants.

calculator, pen and receipt

They are able to completely run a SMSF

One of the best parts about seeking the support of the professionals is that they able to completely run and take care of every aspect of a SMSF. They are able to complete daily administration and reconciliation of transaction data, perform annual year-end accounts and tax returns, can organize annual audits which are a yearly requirement, and provide their clients with detailed investment reports. Moreover, they are able to manage ongoing communication with the Australian Taxation Office, and they can often offer their clients online web access where they can view what is going on with their product at all times. As there are so many different aspects to a SMSF, most people are more than happy to leave all of these different components in the hands of the professionals. This way, they can feel safe knowing that everything is taken care of and that everything is legally compliant.

They can usually help with other aspects too

Self-managed super fund accountants are usually able to help with some other aspects of finances as well. For example, those who are looking in to retirement estate planning are able to receive important advice. This can help people get ready for retirement and to develop strategies that will allow them to hit they financial goals before they leave the work force. Professionals are usually also able to help with investment strategies. This can be extremely helpful as most people out there have no idea how to invest, why they should invest, as well as where they should be investing. Self-managed super fund accountants are able to offer important advice in regard to this and can give their clients valuable information that will help them reach their financial goals. All in all, those who end up thriving by the time they reach their later years are usually the ones who have sought out professional help from the experts. Life can be so short and unexpected, and it is imperative to ensure that all bases are covered especially when it comes to taking care of family members financially no matter what events may arise.

Why you should rebrand your business

Rebranding is an important part of the business cycle whether it is a result of growth, a bad reputation or new management. Regardless of the reason it is important that the rebranding is significant for consumers.

Rebranding comes about as a result of needing to keep up with changing times and cultures in order to stay relevant and meet the needs and desires of a broader customer base. Below are the top 10 reasons to rebrand your business.

  1. Internationalisation

Brand names, slogans or values may not be understood in other cultures and therefore a name change may be necessary. The majority of businesses, 96%, are confident about conducting business abroad and must consider the cultural and language apsects.

  1. Repositioning

Businesses will often reposition themselves to appeal to a new or broader audience or even to adapt to the changing tastes of their current audience.

  1. New management

New CEO’s often impart a breath of fresh air on a business and therefore a rebrand may be necessary to steer the company away from failures. For example, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 he changed the Apple logo to a sleek metallic one as opposed to the original rainbow colour.

  1. Outdated Image

Changing times, audiences and offerings will often force a company to change its image. A new logo and colour scheme may be necessary to remain in lines with the businesses core values or modern outlook.

  1. Bad reputation

Any business that has earned a bad reputation is in need of a rebrand to boosts its image and start afresh. This may mean offering new products or simply targeting a new audience in order to leave its bad reputation in the past.

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions

When a company undergoes a merger or acquisition from an existing company they need a rebrand so that the change is visible to consumers. Of course there are legal requirements but the change is a signal to consumers that they have a new vision.

  1. Changing markets

Markets evolve over time and that means that your business needs to as well. A company that fails to adapt to the changing market can face extinction. Stimulating growth through an improved brand and highlighting the evolution that your company is going through are key tactics to remain relevant.

  1. Corporate identity development

Many brands have an incomplete and scrappy corporate identity. Companies need to be consistent with the font, colours and photography that they use to portray their brand. All of this needs to align with the company image and values.

  1. Too similar

If your branding is too similar to another company’s then it can have two impacts; a lawsuit from the other company and it can make your brand look unoriginal and cheap.

  1. Development and acquisition of brands

When a business acquires or develops new brands they need to deal with this in a way that includes them in the businesses image. Keeping things consistent across brands is important for any company so a rebrand may be necessary when new products come into the picture.

Why reading should be your new priority

Reading is incredibly good for the mind both from a mental health perspective and from a general learning perspective. Reading helps you to broaden your ideas and become more creative. Reading has multiple benefits.

Finding the time or knowing what the read can be common excuses but there is no shortage of interesting and engaging books.

Reading fiction facilitates a more open and creative mind

A study from the University of Toronto showed that those who read fiction books are more likely to be open-minded and achieve “cognitive closure” when presented with an alternative solution or outcome than those who read non-fiction.

The study said that whilst non-fiction was adequate in helping students to understand the subject matter it didn’t necessarily help them to think about it. Fiction books present things in unknown circumstances and encourage people to think outside the box.

You live longer if you read

A research team at Yale studied a group of people over 50 and found that those who read for at least 30 minutes a day lived a huge 23 months longer compared to those who didn’t read at all or simply read magazines. Reading is said to engage your mind more and develop language, thinking and concentration skills further.

It’s possible to read 50 books in a year

At first this might seem like an incredibly daunting task but with a few changes it is more than possible. Simply switching time on your phone or TV to reading time can allow you to find more time to read. Travelling to and from work, before bed or while waiting for a friend are all times that can be spent reading instead of wasting time on your phone or TV.

Successful people read

It’s no secret that the world’s most successful people, particularly entrepreneurs, have long been dedicated readers. Many of them attribute certain books and even just reading in general to where they are today. Reading helps to open the mind and present a variety of unseen circumstances or motivations.

Men such as Phil Knight, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bill Gates have produced books of their own by now but they also offer an extensive list of recommended books that helped them to get where they are today through inspiration and challenges.

Some simple tips to help you improve your business in just one day

Business improvement is an ever-sought after goal for all business owners and managers as they seek to find ways to improve profits, productivity and customer experiences. Using the latest software or popular marketing techniques on social media can sometimes be the answer but often we can overlook the simple things.

There are so many small changes that can be made within the businesses operational procedures that can help to improve productivity, profits and customer experiences.

Get a fast start

Reduce the amount of time you take to settle in at the start of your day. Don’t spend any more than 15 minutes getting a coffee, reading or checking emails and messages because you are often at your freshest at the beginning of the day.

Have 2 to-do lists

Having 2 to-do lists helps you to stay on top of tasks. The first list should outline all of the most important tasks that you need to get done in the short, medium and long term. The second should be a list of things that you can realistically get done that day. This should cover all tasks that need to be completed for the day, not just the important ones.


Reading is important and one of the most efficient ways of learning. Whether it is reading about your business, the industry or the economy make use of your reading time to actually learn. Set aside some reading time every day and look forward to it.

Prepare for your next day

Take some time at the end of every day to plan for tomorrow. Planning ahead gives you more time to think about the important things that need to be done and allows you to reflect on what wasn’t completed today. It also improves your efficiency when you arrive to work the next day.

Take breaks

Regular breaks are important to refresh your mind every hour or so. This helps to keep your work to a high standard and reduces the time spent aimlessly searching through the internet and avoiding work. Get out of your chair and have a walk around or get a coffee.

Be innovative

Constantly be thinking of new ways to improve the business and your own work. Are there new ways of doing this? Can we do this in a more efficient way? Am I getting the most out of this?

Work together

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and use your colleagues to bounce ideas off and review your work. This helps to get a broader perspective of ideas and improves the quality of your work.

Motivating your team through intangible experiences

Your team is how you get your work done, not through the miracle work of individuals. When you are leading a team, or even just participating in one, it is important that you find ways to make people want to work for you and strive towards a defined goal.

If everyone is working towards the same goal then it will be achieved with ease and to a high standard. Motivating your team and maintaining a positive and supportive workplace will help your business to achieve its goals.

Provide a pleasant work environment

The work environment is the first thing that any employee sees and feels when they come to work every day. Making this a welcoming and comforting environment is going to encourage them to work harder and actually want to as well.

Provide training

Constantly challenge your employees is a well-known way to keep them motivated. Enable them to develop new skills and better themselves so that they can move up in their career. A highly skilled and challenged team is a motivated team.

Encourage collaboration

If employees don’t feel valued then their motivation levels are going to fall. Regularly encourage feedback and input from all employees so that they feel valued. Understand those who are shyer and seek them out for ideas on improvement and feedback.

Don’t punish failure

Mistakes are at the heart of learning and if you can encourage employees to learn from their mistakes then it is going to be beneficial for the business and for them. Don’t punish them for making a mistake, facilitate ways for them to learn from them.

Set goals

If everyone has a clear goal to strive towards then motivation is a significantly smaller issue. Provide rewards for achieving goals whether it is the whole team or just an individual. A simple congratulation is often enough but team activities can also be a great reward and opportunity to form stronger relationships.

Allow flexibility

No employee likes a boss or colleague who micromanages and in today’s world a flexible working environment is becoming more and more common. Allow employees to work at a café for a few hours or have couches in the office where people can work.

Everyone has different ways of working so it is important to accommodate for these. If employees feel empowered and trusted then they are going to be more motivated to complete their work.

Leaders need to create a culture of learning and innovation

Industry leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk lead businesses that foster a culture of innovation and encourage employees to learn every day. Facebook and Tesla have all gained global success in their short lives but to continue to do so these leaders know that they must innovate.

Zuckerberg and Musk have all identified that the best way to facilitate growth and employee commitment is to encourage innovation, employee input and change so that they may stay interested and devoted to the business.

Their success can be narrowed down to four key strategies.

  1. Leading with passion

Mark Zuckerberg is always highlighting his passion for Facebook through regular interviews, news appearances and even through the rather unglamorous day to day work that he partakes in. Through regular Facebook posts Zuckerberg successfully communicates passion and excitement in his work and the upcoming events and features that his company are involved in and introducing, respectively.

This not only sets an example for his employees but it also instils confidence in them and shareholders who believe that he is committed to his business.

  1. Leading by example

A few months ago Elon Musk responded to a safety concern in one of the Tesla plants towards his employees. Typically, a new company policy would be issued in order to deal with that problem and it would never be heard about again.

However, Elon Musk, following a response to the safety issue, went further and asked that all and any safety issues that arise in the future be sent directly to his inbox. He also went to the factory to observe what life is like on the factory floors and gain an understanding of potential safety risks whilst also determining if there were any possibilities to improve procedures.

This highlights that Musk is committed to his employees and the business as a whole, not just his own wellbeing.

  1. Encourage employees to ask questions

Encouraging people to ask questions is what inspires growth and allows companies to develop, change, innovate and adapt to all situations. Challenging the status quo leads to new ideas and potentially revolutionary procedures. Maintaining a strong competitive edge is important and creating a culture of asking questions enables experimentation and innovation to continue to prosper.

  1. Empower employees to learn

Many businesses will say that they encourage their employees to learn but do not actively provide them with the time and resources to do so. Great leaders will give their employees the opportunity to learn through training and other resources. A great example is Google who enable their employees to spend 20% of their working week learning new skills. These new skills learnt are then able to be applied to company processes and innovation.