Building a strong user base for start-ups

One of the biggest challenges faced by start-ups is gaining a strong user base. With a new product or service you don’t want to miss any potential customers but it’s hard to convince them, convey understanding and gain appreciation to retain consumers.

Building a robust user-base is one of the keys to start-up success, but how do you do it?

Ensure you have a value-added and differentiated product

Your product needs to be different to those on the market but also add value to the user’s lives – both professional and personal. You should be pushing yourself to come up with a product that is much better than that already on the market so that consumers appreciate it.

Leverage technology

The experience of your users has become incredibly important and technology is able to help. Technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence have enabled businesses to gain deeper and more regular interaction with customers through chat bots and personalised marketing.

A new business should be looking to maximise the use of these new technologies to get ahead in the market in regards to technology uptake.

Encourage and develop strong word-of-mouth

The word-of-mouth marketing idea has taken somewhat of a backseat in the new age of digital marketing but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hold power. In fact, it may hold more power as a result. Find a marketing campaign that makes word of mouth marketing easy and encourage friends, families and employees to partake in it. The more people you get talking about your product the better.

Use a campus ambassador program

A campus ambassador program is an initiative by businesses to build strong brand equity across universities and colleges. The business will hire an outgoing student through a pre-placement offer to promote their brand around campus. If this is done correctly it can have really strong results for brand that are highly consumer-focused.

Use reward-based sign-ups

A great marketing initiative that can help to build a stronger customer base and encourage new customers to engage with your brand is through reward-based sign-ups. This is where someone who signs up is able to offer their friend a special code that in turn gives both individuals a discount or some reward.

They are a great way to quickly build a large customer base and it immediately gives people a good impression of the brand.