Everything You Need To Know About Seeing A Castle Hill Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist massaging a patient

A Castle Hill physiotherapist is at expert at diagnosing and treating issues in your physical body through the use of movement exercises. They are commonly engaged by those with physical injuries and/or disabilities or diseases that impair movement. They are also able to help people maintain their physical capabilities as they get older.

You will most often find a Castle Hill physiotherapist at Aurum Health Care, hospitals, nursing home, rehabilitation centre or private practice. They fill an essential role in helping people achieve a level of mobility and in turn, personal freedom, they were unable to use before.


What to expect

When working with a Castle Hill physiotherapist, you can expect world class treatment and support during all aspects of your engagement. You may only get treatment from them or you might need to engage several specialists at the same time depending on your condition and individual circumstances.

Your treatment will normally involve the following steps:

  • You will undergo a physical assessment which looks at your past medical history and tests for core competencies like posture, flexibility and joint function.
  • You are given a diagnosis, prognosis, plan of action and goals to achieve
  • Treatment begins, and intervention taken based on diagnosis
  • Self-management tips

The results are always best when patients practise their exercises on a daily basis as recommended by their Castle Hill physiotherapist.


Common issues addressed

Your practitioner will be able to help you with a range of issues, including:

  • Hand conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sports related injuries like concussions and tennis elbow
  • Conditions like cystic fibrosis and post-myocardial infarction
  • Neurological disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s’ disease, vestibule dysfunction + more
  • Issues like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy
  • Women specific issues like pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence
  • Back, joint and neck pain
  • Wound and burn care


Varieties of treatment

The type of treatment that you will get from your Castle Hill physiotherapist will depend primarily on the kind of issue you have as well as your medical history. Some specific kinds of treatment include:

  • Neurological – aims to treat issues like paralysis and improve limb responsiveness
  • Orthopaedic – deals with issues like sprains and fractures and will generally involve manual therapy
  • Paediatric – focuses on issues experienced by children, specifically their development into adults
  • Vestibular – deals with issues within the inner ear and problems to do with balance
  • Geriatric – issues to do with elderly people with impairments to their mobility


Why is it so beneficial to see a Castle Hill physiotherapist?

There are so many excellent benefits to seeing this kind of healthcare professional as they will be able to help you with a wide range of issues. They can not only carry out treatments but give you expert advice on home-care and in other areas like your diet.

Overall, seeing a Castle Hill physiotherapist is a highly sensible decision for those who are experiencing any one or more of the issues outlined earlier in this article. It is by far the best way to get proven, long-term relief and management of conditions that would otherwise be severely debilitating or limit quality of life in a major way.

In this way, seeing this kind of professional is one of the major ways in which people with injuries and disabilities are able to get the most out of their lives and be the best version of themselves.