Questions To Ask Dance Studios In Sydney

Before you choose a new dance studio in Sydney you should have a chat with them first and ask them a couple of questions. This can make a huge difference in making sure that you choose the right instructor for you to ensure that you have the best experience. Nothing is worse than choosing something that just doesn’t feel right as you have to start your search all over again.

Below we are going to explore some helpful questions that you can ask a dance studio in Sydney to make sure that your overall experience and enjoyment is the best it can be!


Does your facility participate in competitions

A lot of the dance studios in Sydney have moved into the competitive scene where people want to refine their skills and be able to compete against the best of the best. A lot of facilities have put together their own teams for national, regional and local events. These instructors and facilities tend to teach their students a routine rather than learning how to feel the music and do it themselves. Now there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re after but you should be aware of it beforehand to ensure that your expectations are met.

Additionally just because they have competitive teams doesn’t mean that they don’t do the basics either. All you have to do is ask them their teaching style and whether it’s competition based or are there beginner friendly programs.


What type of floor do you use?

Dancing is a very physically demanding activity that requires a lot of jumping and movement. These movements on certain surfaces can put a lot of strain on you bones and joints. Additionally most shoes don’t have the proper cushioning to reduce the shock on your body from the jumping and movements that are common while dancing. To ensure that you don’t injure yourself, the easiest way to avoid this is to choose a facility with a floating floor.

Floating floors are built on high density foam that acts as the cushion for you when you are dancing. These types of flooring are becoming more common in dance studios in Sydney as they are the superior choice to the sprung floor.

The top layer material is also an important factor to take into consideration. Vinyl floors are very common worldwide and are the best surface material for professionals. These floors allow the professionals to slide but with some controlled slip as well. Many famous buildings such as the Royal Academy of Dance in London and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet all use the vinyl finishing for the flooring.


How qualified are the instructors?

The way in which people teach this skill is completely different compared to academic education. The quality of the education shouldn’t heavily upon the instructors of the dance studio in Sydney. This more than often is the case but creates several different subprograms for people with different skill sets. For a more consistent education and experience the instructors should follow a curriculum like method that teaches all of their students the basics and how to build upon them. The curriculum should also grow as the students become more experienced. Obviously not everyone starts at the same point so there also needs to be different programs to accommodate for all types of skill sets without making too many that it becomes overwhelming for the staff and the dance studio in Sydney.

Finding a new anything can be a difficult task but there are resources available to help make the transition easier. Asking some simple questions can make a big difference to ensure that your expectations are met.