Stylish Designs of Wedding Cards

wedding cards

As you attend the big event and want to leave a gift and a heartfelt message behind to the loving couple, the choices seem endless.

You want a card that speaks volumes about your connection to the pair whilst being an item of value that does not blow out your budget.

So how should you be investing your time when on the hunt for the best wedding cards?

Here we will examine the top stylish designs that you can source to make this process fast and efficient, all without sacrificing the need to provide a loving gift that the couple will cherish.



One of the great ways in which you can enhance the value of wedding cards is to bypass all of the generic choices to make a personalized item. Complete with a picture of yourselves together, either as your own couple or ideally together as a group, you can customize a message that is entirely unique to your relationship. Friends and family members who are close to the couple are customers who usually opt for this design choice.



Another option you can utilise for wedding cards is to choose a thermography design that transfers print from a ribbon onto the paper. This creates an aesthetic that pops to provide a tangible card that really stands out from the others. Whilst this is slightly on the more expensive side of the market, it certainly classifies as stylish.



Have you ever examined vintage posters and cards and wondered about using that same template for modern use? Well wedding cards can be the perfect platform to embrace your retro inclinations from the 1800s, 1920s, 40s, 50s or 60s. The old shabby chic appearance has never truly gone out of fashion and this is a chance to bring it back for this event. Opt for black and white to really turn the clock back and select a font that is fits the time period.


wedding invitation



When using recycled paper or brown paper for your wedding cards, the idea might not sound appealing. Yet a quick glance at these items showcases what a great look the rustic design actually is. Unlike the traditional white paper options, there is a genuine authenticity to the format that sets it apart from a vintage look.



How do you classify a card as “modern” exactly? This is a very broad description that can pertain to any number of characteristics, but this ultimately comes down to the type of font in use, the amount of text and the colour. In 2018 you would find a modern style complete with bright colours and the use of Walkway Free, Fontin Sans, Fertigo Pro, Modeno or Nadia Serif typefaces. They are minimalist in their nature and are ideal for those who want to showcase their love and admiration without going overboard.




Signature collections are designed to make the name of the couple standout above all other features. Here is where the selection of font is important because there are few other elements on paper that manage to draw the eye. If you are short on ideas for a message, then this is ideal to utilise most of the space simply with their names in big bold letters.



Heavily imprinted designs of wedding cards via the letterpress option offers a degree of luxury and prestige that is hard to match. There are different formats under the letterpress process, but much like the thermography design choices, this is a masterful product that any recipient will cherish.



There is no need to feel limited by these designs of wedding cards, yet there is a reason why these are popular in the market. A card of this description is intended to be heartfelt and personal, so make this subjective decision based on your relationship and unique intention.