Top 6 Things People Throw Away

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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that humans amass a huge amount of junk throughout their years on the planet. From expired makeup to holey socks, there are a ton of things that we should probably throw out but don’t. But given how big our landfills are, we’re clearly getting rid of a lot. Here are some of the most common things you’ll find in landfill:



Whether it’s in the form of your water bottle, the packaging on your bread or even the bags lining your bins, plastic is everywhere. Often, plastic won’t even make it to landfill – it can be found in the form of litter on city streets and in our oceans. Plastic is ruining our planet and clogging up the water sources of many developing nations. If you have large quantities of plastic that need disposing of or recycling, contact a professional to do your rubbish removal Sydney procedure.

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The fast fashion industry is a big culprit here, being responsible for a culture in which fashion is consumed and thrown away in a short span of time. Fashion changes with each season, and some stores such as H&M change seasons every two weeks! Consumers often feel they need the very latest and are quick to throw away their year-old styles. This causes a large amount of clothes to pile up in landfill. For the efficient disposal of clothing, hire someone to do your rubbish removal in Sydney.



E-waste is a huge source of waste in landfills globally. Products such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and cables can also find their way into developing nations, where they are often illegally dumped into the local environment and leak toxic materials such as lead, which can cause illness. If you need to get rid of electronic waste, get a professional to do the rubbish removal in Sydney in a sustainable and safe way.

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Garden waste

One of the biggest sources of waste in landfill comes from the garden. Things like weeds, grass clippings, flowers, leaves and hedge trimmings often end up in landfill when they could have been composted and reused instead. Garden waste works great as compost, fertilizing and conditioning the soil. A professional can help with your rubbish removal in Sydney if needed.



From unwanted files and documents to paper cups, you’ll find a vast quantity of paper in landfill. If you frequently use paper towels to wipe down your benches, try switching to reusable, biodegradable cloths. This will help reduce your environmental footprint and minimize the amount of waste generated per year. Hire someone to do the rubbish removal in Sydney for you.

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People waste a lot of food. The most commonly wasted food products are bread (240 million slices are thrown out yearly!), milk (5.9 million glasses wasted per year), potatoes (5.8 million are chucked out annually) and apples (1.3 million are disposed of every year). This can be avoided by purchasing less in the first place, storing food properly (or freezing it), and reusing products in new dishes. Try using old apples in an apple pie, turn your end pieces of bread into breadcrumbs, make gnocchi with your potatoes, and put milk into a smoothie. There’s no reason to waste so much food! If you do have too much however, a professional can do your rubbish removal in Sydney.



Collectively, humans throw out a lot. However, by being more conscious we can reduce our amount of waste. If necessary, consider hiring someone to do your rubbish removal in Sydney – it could save you time and energy.